What’s Gonna Be


1st Verse:
Hey You What's The Deal, Its Popping Up In Here, Wanna Have A Good Time, Just Tryna Chill, When I Couldn't Help But Notice How You're Staring At Me, Ooh, Baby, You're So Fine, You Deserve My Time, With Those Sexy Eyes Your Qualified, So Boy, Why Don't Ya, Baby Why Won't Ya, Come And Talk To Me.
Pre-Chorus: Ooh, I Wanna Get Closer, Ooh, Baby Let Me Show Ya, Ooh, See You Coming Over Making Your Move, I'm Waiting On You Too, Ooh, Tell Me What I Wanna Hear, Ooh, Whisper Something In My Ear, Ooh,Boy You're Making Me Feel So Sexy Baby We SHOULD Get Up Out Of Here.
Chorus: What's It Gonna Be Boy(I'm Watching You, You Watching Me), What's It Gonna Be Boy(Can't You Feel This Chemistry),What's It Gonna Be Boy(It's So Damn Crowded, We Should Leave)What's It Gonna Be Boy(Tell Me What's It Gonna Be)
2nd Verse:
Can We Take It There, Cause They're About To Close Give Me One More Dance Then I'm Ready To Go, Well The Dj's Playing All The Same Songs And The Night's About To End, Can We Meet, In The Parking Lot, Find A Quiet Place Were We Can Talk, To Find Out More About Each Other, Baby Can We?
Repeat Pre-Chorus And Chorus
You Know I'm Feelin You Tonight,
So Let's Find A Certain Spot To Go
Where We Can Get To Know Each Other Better
I'll Go And Tell My Girls
You Go And Tell Your Boys
Before We Leavin' Tell Me Whats It' Gon' Be (Repeat 1x)
Chorus Until Fade